Second-hand reach trucks, stacker trucks, forklift trucks

You can access our list of second-hand warehouse trucks which are for sale here. Warehouse trucks which have recently been added to our range can be found at the top. The vertical navigation on the left allows you to search by category: for instance forklift truck, reach truck, stacker truck, etc.

Photo Category Manufacturer Model Lift height (mm) Capacity(kg) Machine number AYear of manufacture
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE 160 8000mm  1600kg 1857 2009
Forklift truck  BT  CBE120 5205mm  1200kg 1850 2010
Forklift truck  BT TOYOTA  C3E200 4005mm  2000kg 1849 2012
Forklift truck  BT  CBE150R 4805mm  1500kg 1846 2007
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE160R 6300mm  1600kg 1838 2015
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE160E 9500mm  1600kg 1836 2011
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE 180 9500mm  1800kg 1831 2012
Pallettruck  BT TOYOTA  LPE240   2400kg 1824 2012
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE 160 7250mm  1600kg 1821 2013
Stacker  BT TOYOTA  SPE140L 4800mm  1400kg 1806 2015

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