Second-hand stacker truck

The stacker truck is more compact than a reach truck. In case of a pallet stacker truck, the weight of the load is partially distributed over the support arms instead of via counterbalance. Beware; a stacker truck can only be used for handling euro pallets or open-bottomed pallets. The minimum aisle width required for a stacker truck is 2500 mm (2700 mm for a reach truck). The load capacity of a stacker truck is generally limited to 1000 kg - 1250 kg. As an option, a stacker truck can come equipped with initial lift i.e. elevating support arms for transport over uneven surfaces, ramps etc.

Photo Category Manufacturer Model Lift height (mm) Capacity(kg) Machine number AYear of manufacture
Stacker BT TOYOTA  SPE140L 4800mm  1400kg 1806 2015
Stacker BT TOYOTA  SPE125L 2900mm  1250kg 1761 2011
Stacker BT TOYOTA  SWE080L 1580mm  800kg 1612 2009
Stacker BT TOYOTA  SWE120 2700mm  1200kg 1567 2012
Stacker BT TOYOTA  SWE 080 L 600mm  800kg 1474 2008
Stacker BT TOYOTA  SWE080L 600mm  800kg/2000kg 1418 2007

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